How CPHT Leeds Hypnotherapy Training alleviates phobias

Students at CPHT Leeds Hypnotherapy Training are finding that they are not short of clients to practice on to help with fear of flying at this time of year.

Fear of flying, or “Aerophobia” to give it its correct title, is actually on the increase even though statistics tell us that flying is the safest mode of travel.  In fact, it seems that as many as half of us have some kind of fear around flying and air travel, although not all of these would be classed as a full-blown phobia.

Jenny Mellenchip,  one of the Senior Lecturers for CPHT Leeds, comments ‘the fear of flying is often more about the “what might happen” rather than what actually is happening, and these thoughts trigger a reaction in the body that causes the person to be fearful and anxious.

‘Sometimes just providing someone with factual information can help those who are just a little nervous about getting on a plane, but with those who have a severe or phobic response, another approach is needed’ recalls

During the hypnotherapy training we teach by demonstrating the rewind and reframe techniques with our students. This year, student Gareth wanted to get rid of his fear of paper. During the session with Gareth, Jenny got him to visualize his preferred future (and in this case it was for Gareth to be able to read a newspaper without feel nauseous). Together with relaxation therapy, Jenny helped Gareth to see things as more real, without over exaggerating the risk, breaking the pattern that led to his phobic response. He happily returned to the room after the break, holding a piece of paper in his hands, he was thrilled.

Our Clients are often relieved to learn that there are ways to help them and it is something that can often be addressed quickly. It is such a powerful technique’. Click here to find out what our clients say about us.

If you would like to make such a huge difference to people’s lives, why not join us in September at Leeds CPHT Hypnotherapy Training. It is a wonderful learning experience and fun too.